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About Us

ImpactHumanity is a vessel of educational enrichment for youth and parental empowerment for their parents. We provide our underserved families with the resources, tools, guidance, and assistance in building Generational Wealth within their homes with their community!

We will create a foundation for our underserved communities to develop collective prosperity and a well of abundant resources.

This is where we establish a Generational Flow for all of our youth growing up in broken family dynamics with self-encouragement, educational enrichment, and Generational Empowerment.

Our vision is to be the bridge of generational wealth for families that have been suffering from generational debt due to unfortunate circumstances. More youth will be engaged within their communities. Families will be more connected. Poverty will decrease to a record low within our communities.

This is only the Genesis of how we all will ImpactHumanity.

The Greater our Youth become; the Greater our Future shall be.

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Our Mission:

ImpactHumanity enriches and empowers underserved families including youth without parents and single parents by developing and nurturing intergenerational wealth for them through Mentorship, Education, Advocacy, and Collaborative programs for a flourishing Life within their Communities.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is for underserved families worldwide to Live Enriched and Empowered Lives within their communities. This will eliminate generational poverty and begin the cultivation of generational Wealth for our families who are considered underserved. Sustainable Intergenerational wealth for all underserved families worldwide.

Our Values:
Impact Humanity believes in the ability of underserved families to be prosperous and successful. Our families are capable yet lack the resources and guidance. Our focus is to ensure they have those resources and guidance to achieve fulfilling and successful life outcomes. It takes a village to raise a child and we have an abundance of children.

Board of Impact

Adrea Benedetti

Founder and President

I am Adrea Harvey Benedetti. I started ImpactHumanity Inc. originally as a brand to encourage others through community service. My heart has always been in service and encouraging others but I have a divine passion for our youth more than anything else. Especially those who are raised in single-family homes.

My grandmother raised me since I was nine months old. I lost both of my parents during my infancy and preteens. My grandmother raised me the best she could, but I decided that I was a man before I was no longer a boy. So, I left at the age of 16 to bounce around from one unfortunate situation to another. I lacked guidance and a positive male or father figure in Life. There was no one consistently there to mentor me in the right direction.

I understand what our young kings are experiencing. That is why I transitioned the brand into a nonprofit to provide mentorship, educational support, and Life skills training for our youth who are growing up in single-parent homes.
We will shift the trajectory of our culture with services for our youth to create generational wealth for them and their families. It takes a community to build true generational wealth for our culture today. One method of funding for ImpactHumanity Inc. Is to still keep the brand alive by encouraging small businesses to serve our community by collaborating on products, training, and services for our youth.

For example, we will create a collaborative product line, project, or program with that business. All of the proceeds will go to a program or service offered by ImpactHumanity that the business desires. Then we will collectively initiate our strategy of Impact as a community. I truly believe together we will ImpactHumanity.
This is why I am the founder of ImpactHumanity Inc. It is my Love In Full Effect that is mine why. I am the child I see in every one of our youth that is growing up without both of their parents or just one of their parents. I may not be responsible for those children, however, I am still obligated to serve them as a mentor, leader, and royal steward. Without our children, all we have is a past. Our youth is our future.

Meet the Board Members and their Impact

Cameron Thurston

Vice President


Montre Dupree


Ambassadors of Impact

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